Good Morning Germany

Exiting stuff happening in my hometown studio this week.

Makeup Artist (Anna Lippke), whom I have worked with in Berlin already and who is part of my European creativity team is staying with me until Friday afternoon.

We cleared our calendar for this shoot, gorgeous models who put their name down for our Easter Special. The plan is to shoot a minimum of three different styles per model, mainly of my most favorite field of work, BEAUTY. Depending on time and opportunity, we try to add some fashion looks as well.

Anna is always great to work with. Her professional working style, positive attitude and creative mind are a perfect match to her fun personality, always giving a positive vibe to the people on set.

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Postproduction is handled by our third member of the team, Julian Bolter. His working style matches my expectations of what the finished photos should look like; whereas his fast working techniques allow the models/agencies to get quick results. It is of most importance to have a team you can trust, this makes your life much easier and is the secret ingredient for deep, meaningful photos portraying the true character of the model.


Sarah from the femmedia


MUA: muah.annalippke

Photographer: femmedia.photography

Post Production: bolt_production